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Having served for 12 years in the Senate, Joe has the experience and seniority it takes to be a strong voice for the residents of Nez Perce County in our state’s capital.

Joe Stegner’s commitment to solving the issues that face Idaho today will help unite our citizens and provide solutions to even the toughest of challenges. The high regard Joe enjoys in the Senate provides the citizens of Nez Perce County the ability to affect policy decisions important to all Idahoans.

Protecting existing businesses, creating new jobs and attracting entrepreneurs will only happen if we make Idaho one of the best states in the nation for companies to innovate, invest and create. Joe is committed to strengthening Idaho’s economy, and he’s working to promote the continued growth of Idaho’s economic future.

Joe knows that attracting the high paying jobs of the future begins with developing a highly skilled and educated Idaho work force. As a result, Joe is committed to providing the resources necessary to guarantee that every Idaho child has the opportunity to succeed in the classroom.

For generations, Idaho has been admired as a state with vast natural resources, a beautiful landscape and a quality of life that has attracted many workers and families to the state – and Joe shares the vision that these need to be protected and promoted.

Joe Stegner brings a uniquely qualified background to the Idaho Senate as a successful businessman, a dedicated leader and a committed father and grandfather. He represents Nez Perce County as a strong advocate for the families and citizens who make Idaho their home and who depend on Idaho's natural resources for their livelihood.


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